HQ is Q2’s business logic engine, featuring a set of endpoints used to interact with the database safely, without raw SQL.

The Caliper SDK’s HQ_API module wraps all these endpoints and parameters in an easy to use, objectified format. This is built with the user in mind, providing documentation strings, validated responses, and error handling. With an IDE, you will also get the benefit of autocompletion and type hinting.

These are not included in the base install of the Caliper SDK, rather generated in your environment against your specific instance of HQ. This means that whether you have the latest version of HQ, a legacy version, or one custom built for you by the Q2 team, you can be assured that the code in the resulting hq_api folder will work with your stack. Below are documented endpoints for the most recent version of HQ. Your implementation may vary, but this is a good reference and will be very close to the product in your environment.

It is possible to generate custom overrides to the builtin HQ API structure with the following command:

$ q2 generate_hq_api

There are three types of endpoints in the HQ API:

  • Q2_API - These endpoints require a CSR Username and Password
  • Wedge_Online_Banking - These endpoints take a Q2 Online Session Token
  • BackOffice - These primarily exist to support the Q2 Central product